Cremation Jewellery

When you lose someone special, you want to be able to keep their memory close, at Cornish Glass Jewellery we truly understand that desire. We have a selection of jewellery that enables you to keep their memory close to you, whether you choose from our range of handcrafted jewellery available or whether you would like to have something created with your input and idea. We offer a personal service online or if you prefer, you can call and speak to Ray about your individual needs. 

All orders are given a unique identification number and then made at different times, therefore there is no cross contamination. 

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a kit through the post.

Simply follow the instructions and return the ashes

Once we receive your ashes we will then make your chosen piece of jewellery. This is usually done within 2/3 days

Your piece of jewellery is then returned to you by post, so that you can keep the memory of a loved one close to you.